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Maths workbooks for 10 and 11 year old children to encourage better learning and enjoyment

These two graded booklets at pack 3 and pack 4 standards allow the reluctant mathematician to flourish in this key subject. The booklets have been thoughtfully designed by mathematics specialist teachers to encourage children who may struggle, to understand and become confident in mathematics. Children enjoy the engaging and manageable sections within each book, where basic arithmetic gives way to challenging problems, increasing in difficulty with the two booklets. Your child can see for themselves the progress they are making as they are motivated to develop their skills.  


This book has been thoughtfully designed by mathematics specialist teachers and is suitable homework for children working towards the end of KS2 tests. Each attractively presented full colour four page spread provides vital arithmetic practise followed by increasingly challenging problems to develop your child’s mathematical thinking and reasoning skills.

The mathematics is engaging, enjoyable and age appropriate. All key mathematics topics in upper key stage 2 are covered and the removable centre answer pages allow children to check their work as they go and to investigate and correct their own mistakes, thereby ensuring a high quality learning experience.


This  10 booklet pack is ideal for more able year 6 (11 year old) pupils to stretch their mathematical development and curiosity. Designed by mathematics teachers and aligned with the most demanding of the KS2 curriculum requirements, these 9 booklets (plus answer booklet) are ideal for use at home. They will prepare your child to be amongst those with high attainment in the end of key stage 2 tests and to be ready to get off to a flying start in secondary school.

The 9 booklets cover the mathematics involved at the most challenging standard in year 6 in algebra, fractions, decimals and percentages, number and place value, four operations, ratio and proportion, properties of shapes, position and direction, measures and statistics.

Each booklet begins with a warm up to secure vital knowledge and skills needed within that topic and to build confidence before quickly progressing to offer real challenge both in mathematical skills development and in the application of those skills, so your child can thoroughly understand mathematics.